Kaliedoscope Experiement

Okay so I was goofing around today and decided to do an experiement. Lets make a simple cane with just a few colors and see how many different canes we can get from it by piecing them together in a different way.

So here are the simple colors used.

Okay I added an orangish color to the mix but didnt picture it but you can figure that part out lol.

Now to make the simple cane that all the other combos will evolve from.

Am I proud of this cane? No but it is going to serve its purpose well. Simplicity and since there are not a lot of complex canes used it will be easier to see the formations come together.

I started by just piecing them together then by shaping them either in squares or triangles and then recombining.

Check this out!

And this

What the heck? Now my mind IS racing!

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4 Responses to “Kaliedoscope Experiement”

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  3. Sharon V Says:

    What a fantastic idea. Good use for some of the big lumps of scrap clay I have. Thank you for sharing.

    • bluedamselflyjewelry Says:

      Thank you for the comment. Sorry so long in replying as I am on vacation and there is limited internet acess. I am so happy you liked the idea and would be even happier if you try it and share your results with me.
      Thank you. Back from vacation on Aug first and will be back to regular weekly posting then.
      Have fun and clay clay clay!

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